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Use DoorDash to order breakfast, lunch, after lunch snack, dinner midnight snacks, convenience items, and alcohol with delivery straight to your door. Just place your order on your phone and your order will magically appear at your door, courtesy of your DoorDash driver!

How it works?

Check The Menu. Tap Tap Tap.

From gourmet to healthy to vegan to fast food, Doordash has it all.

Knock Knock

Who's there? Your food.

Why choose DoorDash?


What's easier that clicking on your phone and having food appear at your door. You focus on your life. DoorDash will handle the food.

Choices and Menus

Yes, Doordash probably has your favorite restaurants. Whatever you're in the mood for, Doordash is ready to deliver for you.


Use DashPass to get $0 delivery fees and reduced service fees on orders over $12 (or $25 if the restaurant has a DashPass checkmark). With just a couple uses, you'll be saving!